Wednesday, December 28, 2016


We're here at the beach, so that's what we spent most of the day doing today, right?  We took a pretty long walk down the beach this morning, Mommy, Daddy and Madison.  We went north, away from the sunshine and towards Daytona Beach.  Of course, we'd never make it all that way, but we did go pretty far.  The weather was just right for a beach stroll, although the water was pretty chilly.  That didn't stop Madison from kicking up some water at Daddy from time to time.

At one point, we encountered a large flock of seagulls milling about, and were probably bad parents here, but we encouraged her to run through them at full speed.  Of course, they were flying off everywhere, filling the air with all sorts of complaints.  That is, until they landed again not too far from where they took off from in the first place.

To quote a character from "Finding Nemo," they're all "rats with wings!"  

There were not many shells along our walk.  But there were other people walking along too, and it was just a really nice walk.  When we got back, Daddy and Madison did some building - we piled up enough sand to create our own version of a sand Christmas tree.  We decorated it with shell ornaments, and even used our shovel to create square blocks of sand as presents.

After that, it was time to bury Madison.  And then Daddy.  We took turns burying each other in the sand, which on one hand was something new.  On the other hand, it was really sandy.  I mean, really really sandy.  So how to get all that sand off... Yeah, we had to go down to the ocean for a bit to wash off.  But that water was so very cold!  You kind of get used to it, but not really enough.  I don't know how the others could tolerate it so much - they must be tourists from really far north.

Daddy got to read a little today, and do some reading for Madison too - we were reading a few comic books that Daddy got from the library just before we left.  We also played Star Wars Monopoly a few rounds, and we're delighted to discover that this game - unlike most Monopoly games - has an end.  Like, there's an objective that's slightly different from running everyone into the ground financially.  Mommy and Daddy were Sith Lords, and Madison was Luke.  Game #1, she didn't have a chance!  Game #2 was Daddy vs. Madison, and that's when the good guys made a comeback.

We had spaghetti for dinner today, and there's never a shortage of food around here.  Or dessert!  We've been resting and reading and coloring - Madison brought with her some "stained glass coloring sheets" that she got for Christmas.  They're pictures of angels, so she's been really liking these creations she's coloring.

The weather is much clearer today.  It started out foggy again, but this time it burned off.  It was even a little hot later on in the afternoon.  But we really enjoyed it out there today.  Mainly because we're sand people!

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