Thursday, December 8, 2016

Cowboys and Christmas

As you can see, the Tooth Fairy came last night - but perhaps there was some confusion with our elf as well.  Madison awoke, and finding no tooth under her pillow, she suspected something mischievous was going on:  she looked at the Christmas trees first.  There, in the main room, she found Jingle Bells in a dress and dangling from the tree, hoisting high Madison's Tooth Fairy coins.  Once again, he was wanting to be the Tooth Fairy!

There was another gift under the tree, a Marie Taglioni paper doll book, which is pretty specific if you ask me.  But Madison loves Marie Taglioni, so it was just perfect.  The little presents under the tree have been nice each day this month.  We've had Christmas and angel stencil books, and even some lip gloss from the movie "Descendants."

We took our picture in front of the fireplace, prayed for good health and safety, and got the chocolate candy out from the advent calendar.  And then it was time to head off to school.  Daddy had "The Polar Express" soundtrack playing on the way there, and suddenly we were in the mood for hot chocolate.  That might have to wait.  Daddy isn't able to eat or drink much lately, not without repercussions.  After Monday's surgery, hopefully everything will turn out okay there.  He's simultaneously terrified of surgery, and yet can't wait for it.

Daddy and Mommy went to work today, getting Nativity costumes together - mostly Mommy there.  We were out shopping for them too.  In a stroke of awesomeness, we went to one party shop that seemed prepared for such a thing at Christmas time (yeah, I know, shocker!).  We were able to get all we need for the three Wise Men in Gwinnett.  Mommy was planning for ten characters in Gwinnett, Gainesville, and Spartanburg.  Next year, maybe Buford too.  We'll have a horde of Wise Men!

In the meantime, Daddy was writing a script for a skit on Sunday, one that hits our bottom line, while also being tied to the theme of a Cowboy Christmas.  It was harder than I thought to find material online to work with.  There are plenty of decorations and so forth, but not many stories.  Fortunately, I'll give credit to God here, there were a few ideas that sprung to mind.  First, the cowboy that rides the ostrich.  Remember him?  He's in "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer."  Once you started to think about his story, despite the fact that he's an obscure character, suddenly you saw things click in regards to our message this weekend and Christmas.  I'll post what I wrote for Parenting Matters here below later...

The other item that sprung to mind that has "cowboy" and "Christmas" in it is this:  the Red Rider BB Gun.  In a dream sequence, Ralphie is all duded up as a cowboy in "A Christmas Story."  It was all about his one desire for the holiday:  a Red Rider BB Gun.  Ralphie's obsession with that one item sort of 'spurred' on the skit we'll be doing this weekend.  Hopefully it'll turn out well!


KidPak Adventures: A Lone Star Christmas
Follow the Lone Star 



CUE TRACK: 1 Silent Night (Bluegrass Christmas)

NARRATOR:  “Christmas is here!  It’s a season of joy
                Especially for Robbie, who wants just one toy
                He hopes he gets it, because it sure is fun!
                What do you want?”

ROBBIE:          “A Red Rider BB Gun!”

NARRATOR:  “Robbie’s focused, for just this reason.
                He’s been waiting throughout this whole Christmas season.
                This gift that he wants is no tiny trifle!

ROBBIE: “It’s a carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle!”


NARRATOR:       “That’s right, and it’s just like the one Ralphie had
                It was a great Christmas story that made Robbie glad.


NATE enters STAGE RIGHT, carrying a gift.

NARRATOR:       “That’s when a visitor showed up, Christmas Eve
                It was Nate the cowboy with a gift to receive.
                Robbie squealed when he saw the gift box
                He pumped his fist twice, and shouted,

ROBBIE:          “This rocks!”

ROBBIE opens present.  It’s a gift card, and he’s noticeably down.

NATE:           “This Christmas gift is to you, my swell pal!
                It’s a gift card to the Golden Corral!”

NATE warmly pats ROBBIE on the back, and exits STAGE LEFT.

NARRATOR:  “But when Nate had left, his gift-giving done
                Robbie said…”

ROBBIE: “But I wanted a Red Rider BB Gun!”

CALVIN enters STAGE RIGHT with a gift.

NARRATOR:  “But someone came next, also with a gift
                So Robbie’s sad spirit – it started to lift!
                It was Bronco Billy, a cowboy real pleasant…”

BRONCO: “Here you go, Robbie.  I got you a present!”

BRONCO hands ROBBIE a present.  ROBBIE opens present, again looking down.

NARRATOR:        “The gift was unique, and thoughtful of course.
                Just right for a cowboy – it was a stick horse!

BRONCO shakes ROBBIE’s hand, and exits STAGE LEFT

NARRATOR:  “But Robbie didn’t think his gift was much fun.
                He said…”

ROBBIE:  “But I wanted a Red Rider BB Gun!”


NARRATOR:  “Yet here was one more right at his front door
                It was Dawn coming back, with a surprise in store!

DAWN hands ROBBIE a gift.

NARRATOR:       “It was another gift he was happy to see
                Robbie got so excited that he squealed with glee.”

ROBBIE squeals with glee.

NARRATOR:  “He had joy in his heart, and a sparkle in his eyes
                So he said…”

ROBBIE:          “…Merry Christmas!”

NARRATOR:       “…And he opened his prize!

ROBBIE opens present, and then looks promptly disappointed.

DAWN:      “It’s a sheriff’s badge, a nice one at that.
                   It would go well with your boots and your hat!

DAWN warmly hits ROBBIE on the back, although maybe a bit too hard, and then exits STAGE LEFT.

NARRATOR: “As she left, he thought that this wasn’t much fun.
                “He said…”

ROBBIE: “But I wanted a Red Rider BB Gun!”

NARRATOR:  “He sat there, depressed.  The worst Christmas yet.
                He didn’t have that thing he wanted to get.
                Sure he visits from all his loved ones

ROBBIE:          “But I wanted a Red Rider BB Gun!”

NARRATOR:  “And he got gifts from his friends one by one.”

ROBBIE:          “But I wanted a Red Rider BB Gun!”

NARRATOR:  “We can make a dessert.  You want a hot cross bun?”

ROBBIE: “No!  I want a Red Rider BB Gun!”

ROBBIE weeps.

NARRATOR:        “And so Robbie wept, he was so filled with grief.
                When in the sky, something happened beyond belief!


NARRATOR:  “He saw a star shining so amazingly bright
                And in his heart, he felt things weren’t right

ROBBIE goes over to STAGE RIGHT to look at star in sky

NARRATOR: “See, that star reminded him of that first Christmas night
                How Jesus had come for us, to make us alright.
                The star hanging low gave him quite an eyeful
                And that carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle?

ROBBIE speaks as he wanders to CENTER STAGE

ROBBIE: “I don’t need a Red Rider BB Gun.
                What we all should want is God’s Son.”

NARRATOR:  “For it’s not our birthday that we celebrate
                No, that would be Jesus, and he’d think it’d be great
                to spend time with him, and draw others too
                That’s why he came:  for me, and for you.


NARRATOR:  “Just as he remembered this, there were his friends
                 He greeted them warmly.  He would make amends!”

DAWN:    “That star shaped badge?  It’s there to remind
                That Jesus – he came for all of mankind

CALVIN: “And that horse I gave, it’s a reminder to go.
                Go share of His love!  Let that light within glow!

NARRATOR: “Robbie felt ashamed, he’d change his whole heart
                Remembering Jesus at Christmas is smart!

NATE gives ROBBIE a last gift.

NARRATOR: “But look!  Nate handed Robbie one more item
                And this little gift sure did excite him!

ROBBIE:          “Yee-haw!”

ROBBIE opens gift, and it’s a Red Rider BB Gun.

ROBBIE: “Yee-haw, yee-haw, yee-haw!”

ROBBIE frolics around stage with his new toy.

NARRATOR:  “He got his gift, but also something greater tonight
                By remembering the real message of Christmas all right.

ROBBIE, DAWN, NATE and CALVIN do one of those loud happy sighs in sync.

NARRATOR:       “Now the star and the horse meant something more.
                But Nate, my dear friend, what does the gift card stand for?

NATE:           “It’s real simple, my friend.  When our story’s complete,
                We’ll head to the Golden Corral, and get something to eat!


NATE, DAWN, ROBBIE and CALVIN exit STAGE RIGHT, wave goodbye.


NARRATOR:  “And so happy trails, partners.  Our story’s through.
                “We’ll end with a big

CAST:           “Merry Christmas to you!”



Tonight was ballet again.  We fought the now frigid air.  Are we allowed to call temperatures in the 20's 'frigid'?  I'm doing it anyway.  We haven't had much of a chance to get acclimated to winter.  It's just been this nosedive plunge into the land of below freezing, and now we're all racing from car to ballet to car to the safety of the garage and warmth of our house.

Yes, we had a fire in the fireplace tonight.  We watched "A Peanuts Christmas" together with the mandatory popcorn and blankets.  It was really nice.  And afterwards, we continued our reading from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol.  Again, some words are way above Madison's level to the point that we have to go back and explain.  And... some words are above Daddy's level too!  Nevertheless, we know the story by heart, and many of the phrases too.  Tonight we had a visit from the Spirit of Christmas Past, and all that follows, including the seldom mentioned scene that shows how happy a life Belle lived after leaving Scrooge.  Despite the vocabulary lessons, it's been an enjoyable read for Madison, who makes sure we not forget it each night.  And of course, it's something that really gets you into the Christmas Spirit.... so to speak.

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