Monday, December 26, 2016


Madison woke us up this morning at about 9:10 am.  Yikes!  We didn't plan on sleeping in this late!  And so, we rushed to pack and rushed to get out the door, which took us roughly an hour.  It's the usual time of questioning - did we remember this or that?  Is everything packed?  It turned out we forgot one thing, and that's about it.

We took the Athens route to Macon and hooked back up with I-75, and the drive was just perfect.  It was thick with traffic at times along the interstate, but it kept moving.  We never really stopped, actually.  The only times we stopped were for the occasional rest area, and for Chick-Fil-A in Cordelle, which seems to be a tradition for us now.  But even there, we just did the drive-thru.

One thing that helped our drive move along were the podcasts that Daddy uploaded earlier.  We listened to some messages from Perry Stone, and a six consecutive episodes of an old Riders in the Sky radio show.  They were fun podcasts with cowboy music and an ongoing serial drama, one that was pretty funny.  The message from Perry Stone about the menorah was interesting too, one we chose because it's Hannakuh.  In fact, when we got to the condo later on tonight, there was a a menorah in the lobby, one with four candles lit so far.

Of course, Madison wasn't listening to sermons about menorahs.  She had her earphones on, watching movies and listening to her new MP3 player, one she got for Christmas.  We loaded it up with stuff she's like, from the "Moana" soundtrack to the "Trolls" soundtrack.  And yes, we were listening to that ourselves on our own radio.  We're loving the songs from "Moana," especially "Shiny" right now.  And "You're Welcome."  They're all fun though, and remind us of Hawaii greatly.  It would be nice to go back.

We got to the beach later - it was dark already.  The Christmas lights are still here, so it's nice and festive.  Today's journey down was nice, and we were happily grelected by Nana and Ba-Ba.  Madison couldn't wait to exchange gifts:  we had some gift bags from the Taste of Britain for the grandparents, filled with British imported candy and snacks.

It wasn't quite bedtime yet, so Madison and Daddy played a few hands of Uno, followed by a surprise:  Daddy had the latest issue of the Poe Dameron comic book, which thrilled Madison.  No, the story there isn't over yet!  We have another issue coming out next month.  Madison groaned at the cliffhanger!

We ate a small meal, and peeked out at the ocean.  You can't see it.  It's too foggy and dark.  But that roar is there, constant.   We made it.  It's a really short trip, but after a bit of a frantic month, we'll rest here for a tiny bit.  Goodnight!

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