Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Big Dance

This morning we started out our day with a discovery under the tree.  It appears as if Jingle Bells has gotten Madison a gift, a new nutcracker to remind her of the production this year.  By the day's end though, I don't think she'll ever forget her time here. 

Madison told us that she loved doing it, including all the time practicing.  That all but tells us she'll be probably be involved in the next performance.  Will she be a China Doll?  Or something else?  We don't know right now, of course.  This week was just so busy with the church production that we might have to figure something else out.  Of course, the bright side of it all is that next week we're going to be doing well with considerably less activity going on.

But how was the ballet?  How did it turn out?

Pastor Lance came on Thursday to see Madison perform, but that was just an abbreviated version of the Nutcracker.  Today was the large performance, or as Pappa Elf likes to call it, "The Big Dance."  Today Daddy's family showed up at the earlier full show, and they took up a whole row in the front of the balcony.  They really enjoyed it, especially of course Madison's role.  Afterwards, they brought her flowers and just as important, a Han Solo Tsum-Tsum.  We met after the ballet to talk for just a bit, but as we said earlier, it was a busy day.

The reason for the busy day was the dress rehearsal for the church production that was going on at the same time.  Daddy was tasked with picking up Madison after the first ballet, but due to a misprint on the schedule, he arrived way too early and wound up getting to see Madison dance again, which was of course a nice blessing.  Mommy was meanwhile suiting up all the kids for the children's play at the church.  Madison and Daddy picked up some Chick-Fil-A, and headed back to the church a little bit to set up some music, adjust some more costumes and props, and then quickly dash away back to Brenau for Madison's final performance, the night showing of "The Nutcracker."

Here the girls are dancing, but from backstage.  Nana and Ba-Ba sat next to Daddy and Mommy up in the front row of the balcony, more center this time.  

Despite having literally seen the Nutcracker three times this week (and probably more including those practices), it just didn't get old for us.  The programs were printed with Madison's name in them, and there we were for "the Big Dance."  She didn't have a huge part in the production, of course, but it is a part in an ongoing and cherished tradition.  This was her fourth time dancing in front of a Christmas audience, and she did very well once more.  She made no slip-ups, despite the distraction of the soloist, and she stuck to that most important of rules:  "Don't Whack the Soloist."  Apparently, swinging around parasols can be dangerous for performers on stage!

It was an evening that was hard to describe.  Watching your daughter dance is such a thing of beauty, and it really is difficult to describe the emotions that flow.  Tonight after the show, the graduating seniors of the ballet school were honored.  These are four of the best dancers, and will be sorely missed when they move on.  These four have been some of our favorites at each performance, and it's hard to imagine the school of ballet without them.  Yet, that's how it works out, with new dancers rising and blossoming from within.  And perhaps some day in the future, Madison will be there amongst them.  She loves to dance, and has friends that dance with her.  She wants to be in the next production in the spring, so we'll see how it goes.  If it's something she wants to pursue, of course we're right there with her, and right there behind her.

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