Sunday, July 2, 2017

Super Sunday

KidPak this morning was an unusual blip in our long and storied history - we had no pre-scripted service.  We postponed the start of our newest series, "Superflix," simply based on the timeline of showing our SX17-related videos for the remainder of June, and it went into July one week.  That, along with the fact that our visiting numbers were really low due to the holiday, made for a service that we did "away from the books."  It turned out to be of our benefit, as there was an older girl in desperate need of prayer, along with her parents.  There were two dramatic stories of the morning, none directly involving our family, but both very heavy on our hearts this morning, and both requiring visitations, prayer, and ministry, which will no doubt continue on for some time.

Madison didn't know about any of this, of course.  She enjoyed the services as they were, from worship to the message about standing, even when there's nothing else you can do.  It went along with our "titanium" theme of Summer Xtreme.  We showed the final video today, one that Josh actually had time to add to, using bits of his original vision.  He stayed here very late the last two nights working on this to have it ready for the final weekend.  Madison has seen now three different versions of part four, each time an extension included.  It's been fun for her.

This morning, she did turn in her sermon booklet again.  Kids can take their sermon booklet to church each weekend and get it filled out during the message, and then stamped afterwards.  Once you've done that for all the services, you can take it to the office and once it is checked, you're eligible for a gift card.  We used to give away Target cards until a little over a year ago, and now we have Wal-Mart cards, and Madison has saved up about seventy dollars in gift cards so far.  Add to that the check that her grandparents sent her for her birthday, and she's sitting on $100.  She's continuing to save it up though, and with a short series in July, it appears as if she'll be adding to the pot a little more soon.

We got home after church, and went nowhere.  Again.  Daddy took a nap, Mommy took a bath, and Madison was playing the Marvel LEGO Avengers game some, using her favorite character Scarlet Witch a lot.  She's really drawn to that character, especially after the Civil War movie last night.

There was some piano practice.  Madison spent a half hour or more on "Amazing Grace," getting the left hand finally involved.  The right hand is hitting about three notes at a time, and here comes that left hand at the same time - it's a more challenging piece than you'd originally think.  But she is getting better at it, enough to hopefully play at KidPak some time soon.  We'll see - hopefully she'll stay with it.

Tonight we were anxious to finish up, or at least get caught up with the latest Marvel movie marathon.  So we watched "Dr. Strange," with a lot of popcorn, and in Daddy's case, a nice cup of tea.  Now we know where the next infinity stone is, and that leaves one more we think.  Like a few of the other Marvel movies, it gets better the next time you see it.  Madison enjoyed the trippy parts in the mirror universe, and of course the whole fight sequence while time was going backwards.  And the cape.  Definitely the cape.

We read some more from Rocket and Groot tonight, and that's been a big hit.  We're also still reading from the superhero devotional, which still has a few pages to go.  Daddy has been reading this since May, and is realizing now that he wrote quite a bit for this one book.  It's taking a while to get through!

We're gathering paperwork tonight - or at least Mommy is.  We're getting passports made tomorrow.  Madison heard this, and wants to dress up for her picture, even though it is just a passport picture.  In looking through our old documents, we've found quite a bit of dated material, and a lot that we picked up during our trip to China.  Lots of memories in this paperwork, especially when combined with the anniversary we're celebrating this weekend.  One picture we received was a laminated "red couch" picture of all the babies lined up on the couch.  It's a tradition for all the adopting parents to line up the children on this couch at the White Swan Hotel.  We had quite a few of them, so many that they couldn't fit on the couch.  But the group picture is fun, nonetheless.  Madison saw it, and was laughing at all the crying babies, and of course we were talking about how we got her not to cry, by giving her some cereal to munch on.  She was quite content with that!

We had another loud storm today, and more rain.  It's come and gone, and the thunder continues - although not from the skies this time.  The holiday weekend is a time to launch thousands of rockets into the air, and that's just locally here.  You can hear the explosions near and far, echoing throughout the night skies.  It's always an interesting thing, as if we're hearing some battle heard not too far away.  So many pops and crackles and loud booms.  It's the Fourth of July weekend, and because it is a Tuesday this year, I imagine we've got two more days of fireworks to go.  That's just fine with us.  It's not too loud, and it's a great opportunity to celebrate the most wonderful country on earth.

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