Thursday, July 6, 2017

Page 47

Mommy did a great job with the new "Superflix" display case today.  Everyone came in to work on the new series, working ahead of time in some ways.  Daddy has three Sundays out of four all scripted out, with the keynotes done and Parenting Matters printed.  Josh has the videos done, including intros and so forth.  The banners are up, and we're all ready to go for this exciting new series starting on Sunday.

The balance of it all was a big, long day at the office.  We did this so we wouldn't have to worry about a big long day on Saturday, or even tomorrow really.  Despite the amount of effort there, it was still a fun day today.  We're ready to go!

We stopped for some groceries on the way home, and even got some food for tonight at the grocery store:  pizza.  Madison wanted to try out some Mexican pizza, and it turned out to be pretty good.  She even put taco sauce on it, which seems weird.  But it tasted great, so much so that she nearly finished an entire small pizza by herself!

The rain was pouring again today, windy and dark and pounding.  The lake is filling up.  It has rained so much lately, even despite the meteorologist telling us that the rain is going to be less frequent.  Despite such proclamations, the rain still comes, and it is a lot.

Tonight, due to the work day, we had a little time left upon getting home.  And little energy too.  But we decided to watch "National Treasure 2," in honor of the patriotic week we've had here.  Madison liked the first one well enough, and as such, she liked this one as well.  It's a good movie, although it has left us with a question that has haunted us for ten long years.

Ten years, Disney.  That's how long it's been.  Within the President's Book of Secrets is a page that the President of the United States asks Ben Gates to look at.  And he does.  And later on in the movie, Ben tells the President that what he saw on Page 47 is "life-altering."

And so, for ten years, we've been all wondering what is on Page 47.  It's capitalized, because it isn't just an ordinary page.  It's Page 47!  And as you might suspect, there have been countless theories as to what it is that is on Page 47.  The internet is full of them.

This represents a season movies where there were lingering questions unanswered in movies.  Viewers assumed that the answers would wind up in sequels, but in many cases, the answers never came.  This is one of those instances for sure.  Here are some others:  Remember "Tron:  Legacy?"  What happened to Iron?  And was Flynn's programming saved on a back-up?  And then there was "John Carter."  What happened there at the end?  And "Prince of Persia."  The two main characters had to get to know each other all over again? And that second Sherlock Holmes movie - we've been waiting for a reunion between Holmes and Watson for quite some time now.  For us, the biggest of all was the curse on Will Turner in "At World's End."  That one took place a long time ago, and thankfully he was freed just this summer.

In this household, the biggest movie waits have to do with Sherlock Holmes, and Page 47.  Tonight, Madison didn't seem to care so much.  It was a great movie, and she was right.  We enjoyed it - lots of fun.  But every time we start thinking about Page 47...!  Come on,  make another movie or something.  Answer the question for us:  what's on Page 47?

Perhaps we should write President Trump about this....

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