Friday, July 7, 2017

Just Getting Started

Raining again.  And it's not entirely a bad thing, unless of course you have an outdoor wedding or plans to float along in a canoe.  The storms come in after the heat builds up, and the skies are beautiful, this tumultuous pallet of deep blue against grays and whites.  It's the largest our sky gets, and yes we know it's the same size year-round.  It just has that appearance, with brilliant blue skies clashing up against these towering thunderclouds looming overhead.  Summer skies are so majestic at times.  It's okay to stop and stare.  In fact, it's probably good for you.

Today we were prepping for all kinds of things:  new series and a vacation.  Things seem to be set for "Superflix" this Sunday.  Sadly, we'll miss the opening of this one, as we're on a very short vacation trip to - where else?  Daytona Beach.

Mommy spent the day packing, largely, and getting the house straightened up with a little help from Madison.  Madison also spent her day playing piano, and building a virtual tree house with Disney Infinity.  Daddy, meanwhile, was doing more "Superflix" related stuff at work, getting things ready there.

Everyone is gone next week from KidPak.  Largely.  That's a bit of an exaggeration, really.  But the primary folks are all gone, leaving the Buford and Gwinnett campus pastors to run the show.  It'll be fine.

Daddy went to the library before going to work - he dropped off some books we've read, and picked up a few more for Madison.  The librarians know Madison well and were asking about her.  They even had some suggested reading for her, as they know the authors she likes.  We picked up our next big book, and this one will take a little longer.  We're starting it on vacation - it's called "The Gauntlet," and it's an Iron Man adventure by Eoin Colfer.  The last book Daddy read by him was "...And Another Thing," which was the next book in the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series.  Daddy enjoyed it, so hopefully this one will be a fun read.

Speaking of Howard Stark, got something in the mail, and that'll be the start of a new binge-watching for us:  "Agent Carter." We've seen season one before, but not with Madison.  Madison seems to really like Agent Carter, using that as her go-to character in "LEGO Avengers."  That being said, we tried out episode one of "Agent Carter" tonight, where we meet Howard Stark, Peggy Carter, and Edwin Jarvis once again.

Here they are with Stan the man.  It was a sad day for Stan Lee, as his wife passed away.  We were watching a recent interview with him online, one where he was talking about how he met his wife, and how she pretty much saved Marvel comics.  Joan Lee.

The wife who is secretly the superhero, doing it all.  She's the support system, the machine that makes everything work, the one half of the partnership that doesn't get the credit it deserves.  That pretty much sums up what a wife is though.  That's certainly what Mommy is too, of course.

Tomorrow is our anniversary, seventeen years later.  Mommy and Daddy married in 2000, so it's easy to remember what anniversary it is.  Seventeen years have glided by, and we're still the super team, putting together super series, a partnership put together by God Himself.  We're only just getting started!

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