Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Snarl, Jumbo, and Lobster Girl

The movie theme at the church was not only downstairs - it's upstairs as well.  So much that Daddy and Josh went up there dressed as a superhero, and a bag of popcorn.  You can see Daddy in the photo above, ready to pop in, or at least butter some folks up.  Or something.  We decided that if Josh was a random superhero, he'd have to have a name.  And being beside him, Daddy needed to have a name as well as some sort of sidekick.  Thus, the Legend of The Snarl and Jumbo came to be!

Right.  Anyway, back to KidPak today we came, and here we were for the second Sunday of the new series, "Superflix," which is a superhero-themed movie series.  We look at movies, and see Biblical lessons within each one.  Today's was more obvious than others.  It was a strong message movie in "Big Hero 6."

Today was fun.  The kids got free candy from upstairs to go along with the movie series that they have going on up there, "Let's Go to the Movies."  That title is a mouthful, but so was the candy!  Madison got some Spree candies, and some Raisinets too.  We might save those for a real trip to the movies later.

Here she is with her friend Emma again.  She had a great morning again, returning to worship, returning to KidPak and all the fun we set up for the kids.  It was a fantastic morning at church, with a powerful message about serving others, about sacrifice, and about no greater love.

We're letting a friend borrow those lobster claws for an upcoming production, so Madison was wearing them out after church.  We were on our way through the parking lot when a desperate mother came back to the church, wanting to get inside the locked doors because she left her purse inside.  It was late, and pretty much everyone was gone.  But no worries:  Madison, Lobster Girl, saved the day.  She still knows the code to get into the building, and used it to open the door for this helpless civilian!

Afterwards, we did a bit of cleaning up, settling in, and then a quick trip out to see about a new backpack for the new school season.  Unfortunately, the one backpack she was after was gone, and it might be difficult to get - it seems as if the Moana and Heihei backpack is a popular item.  Online, the cost of this thing is nearly double.  Reminds me of the Mal costume a few years ago.  Sold out everywhere except a few bums online who want to sell it for much more.

One thing we did find though was a Halloween costume for Madison.  We don't even know the character yet, but it's the daughter of Ursula from the upcoming movie, "Descendants 2."  Her name is Uma, and she dresses like a pirate.  Madison was looking for a pirate costume, and this was just the thing for her!  She tried it on when we got home, and was looking all nice and fancy.  She loved it.  She's wanting to go to a certain pirate party upcoming, and this also works in October.

It was a Marvel night tonight.  Madison wanted to watch more "Agent Carter," so we watched three episodes straight, and then it was bedtime, and time for more Tony Stark with the book, "The Gauntlet."  Appropriate ending for a superhero themed day.

One final note that slipped my attention.  This is the eight-year anniversary... of this blog.  Wow.  Just wow.

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