Saturday, July 1, 2017

Bottle Rocket

Perfect weekend for a little bottle rocket experiment!  Today we set up the bottle rocket in the front yard.  Madison built the launch pedestal, and then we were mixing the citric acid with the baking powder, tossing it into the rocket with some water, sealing it off and waiting for the launch!  The first launch was the best:  we didn't think it was working, and we were all sort of sitting there waiting around, and there just didn't seem to be any noise or movement or anything to indicate that something explosive was about to happen.  So Daddy sort of got up, and Madison did too - and then the thing popped straight up vertically about fifteen feet or so.  Seriously, it landed in our garden area several feet away, surprising all three of us.  Madison laughed so hard at it, we repeated the experiment about six or seven times, launching our miniature rocket skyward.

Today was a lazy day.  We had plans to do this or that or the other.  We were thinking of commemorating nine years, as today is technically the date we adopted Madison.  Yes, that's technically.  In our world view, "Gotcha Day" was yesterday, as that's the day she entered our lives physically, and never left our side since.

We could have celebrated Canada Day today, at least with a ginger ale or something.  But no, we just stayed at home.  And that was fine by everyone.  Maybe tomorrow we'll do tea or go out to see a movie.  Today, we stayed at home, cleaned up a bit, did some work towards a future KidPak series, and even played some video games.  Daddy got the latest SSX game, a snowboarding game that he used to play a lot when he was younger, and Madison picked up on it really quickly.  She was having a great time with it, playing as Zoe Payne, going down the tallest mountains in the world.  She was getting pretty good at it.  Yes, Daddy was having one of those "so proud of you" moments while watching her turn all kinds of flips and twists on a snowboard going down the mountain.

Tonight after dinner, we watched "Captain America:  Civil War," as a part of our Marvel marathon.  This should set us up for "Spider-Man:  Homecoming" in a week or so.  It's a tougher movie to watch because nobody likes to watch their friends fight.  But there are some fun highlights in there, including that moment that Daddy and Madison both said, "Whoa!"  That would be when Bucky grabs a motorcycle heading straight at him, dismounts the rider, hops on himself and takes off.  Of course, she loved seeing Spider-man too, and Ant-Man again.  All the heroes are here again, although some aren't quite happy with one another anymore.

Rockets are in the air tonight, with lots of explosions near and far.  It's the Fourth of July weekend, and there's a lot of noise going on outside.  Always a fun sound, really.  It should be menacing in some ways, but with context it's okay.  It's a night to celebrate, as it will be the next few nights, we're sure.  We're all getting to sleep early tonight though, as we have church tomorrow.  We'll get busy tomorrow again.  Today was just a nice day to be lazy.

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