Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Inspector Flytrap

This is what we're reading now.  It's a book about a Venus flytrap that happens to be a detective.  He can't move on his own, so he gets put on a skateboard, and pushed from destination to destination by a friendly goat.

Yeah, it's odd.  But Madison is enjoying it, and the adventures of Inspector Flytrap will continue for a little bit longer than one book - this is a full series of books.  Daddy picked this one up recently from the library, because it's by one of Madison's favorite authors.  This year, we may get another flytrap for a pet, just to put a magnifying glass next to it.

Madison's adventures in the summer reading program continue though.  She's doing well with it, keeping at it, and keeping at her piano as well.  Today she also painted her clay creations that she made last week in art camp.  Mommy kept her busy throughout the day, as Daddy was off to work.  It was a Wednesday, and with no school in the morning, it was great that Madison could join us at KidPak tonight.

We had our small groups tonight, talking sacrifice and heroes, and a little bit of Captain America, combining patriotism and heroes, both real and from fiction.  It was a great night with lots of laughs and screaming kids!

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