Sunday, July 9, 2017


The whole family is together, at least the Green side of things.  This is Uncle George and his family, along with our family, along with the grandparents as well.  Daddy couldn't be in this picture, because well... someone had to take the picture...

It was a fun beach day, and a full one too.  We were out there on the beach for the entire day it seems.  We got out there and this was probably the farthest out Madison has ever been, about waist deep in the water with the waves bobbing her up and down.  She was learning to ride the waves a bit, jumping up at the right times, and right out there with the rest of us.  She was doing fine.  She got to meet her cousin Brandon, and her Aunt Heidi and Uncle George today.  Yesterday was a brief intro, and today was a full-on day at the beach.  We were throwing the frisbee around quite a bit, and Madison was pretty proficient with it.  We were out there in the water for quite some time, and at one point later on we were walking up towards the Daytona Beach area looking at all the turtle nests.  There are a few about to open, especially with the full moon out there now.

Here's an important picture.  It's the two kids and their parents.  This was the first time we'd been together since Madison's adoption, as the timing just hasn't worked out so well for the vacations, over and over again.  But this time around, it did work out, and Madison got to meet more of her family.  It was a nice day.  And she really enjoyed meeting her cousin Brandon.

She did quite a bit of goofing around with him today, splashing and having this one conversation on the balcony later on where she was telling him what his future was going to be like.  Apparently, he's going to dress all in pink, and live in a house that's on the back of a ginormous sea turtle that dives under the water quickly, but not worries because the house is made of titanium on the outside, but candy on the inside, and it will be a nice place to live.  It's all worked out there, right?

We had a big meal indoors, and went right back out there.  The weather was cool, and a storm was blowing in north of us.  We had enough time to check out the turtle nests again, and basically do a bit of cleaning up and filling sand holes for the turtles.  And by the time we got back, the storm got even more menacing:

Though it never really stormed here, you can tell the folks at Flagler Beach and even Ormond and Daytona were getting pounded.  It rained a little, but cleared up nicely enough so that when the sun went down, the brilliant full moon rose over the sea, and it was gorgeous.

We're going to bed earlier tonight, as we have to get up earlier tomorrow.  The week begins, and it should be a good one!

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